Getting Educated

cuLearn is a network of credit unions that helps you borrow responsibly for college

You may have an academic advisor in college, but what about a financial advisor?

cuLearn and our network of lenders work with students & their families to crack the code of student lending by:

  • Helping determine the perfect amount to borrow – not a dollar more, not a cent less.   
  • Teaching about the benefits of credit unions.
  • Providing tools and resources every step of the way as they begin to plan and pay for college.

Take a new approach to paying for college with a cuLearn credit union partner: This is New School Lending. Learn more today by signing up to receive our blog posts, because life after college should be all about you – not your debt.

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A Stress-less Way to Pay for College

When you work with one of our lending partners, you are not a loan.

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