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Five Fun Alternatives to Spring Break

Spring break costs add up. 

Between Florida and Texas alone, American college students will spend nearly $1 billion on spring break – and that’s just two states! While several students are financially able to afford a spring break vacation, a majority struggles to dish out hundreds (thousands in some cases) for a week of fun in the sun. So how do you save money and still have a good time for spring break?

Listed below are a few free or inexpensive ideas to have an unforgettable spring break.

1.) Travel Home: 

A surprise visit home can actually be pretty fun. One idea is being a tourist in your own city. Whether that’s checking out a museum, trying a new restaurant or even exploring a new part of town, visiting home has its perks. Check out this awesome list of 30 fun things to do at home to give you some inspiration.

2.) Career Planning:

This might not be the most appealing option but it’s definitely one of the most productive. Try making it fun by doing a “coffee crawl,” which involves visiting various cafes and completing a specific task at each one. This could include building a resume at one spot, updating your LinkedIn at another, and so on. Plus, with all the coffee, you’re bound to get something done...right? See if your favorite coffee shop made the list of the best coffee shops in all 50 states.

3.) Start a Savings Plan for a Vacation:

Studies have shown that planning a vacation can actually make you happier than going on one. The first step to planning a vacation is to save up for it. Give the 52-week savings plan a shot and see if you can save an extra $1,378 in a year. It’s easy and starts with just $1 a week.

4.) Look Into a Travel Study Program:

Many schools offer college credits during spring break week. While this will likely cost some money, at least it’s going towards your education. Can you imagine getting credit for scuba diving in Florida? Or how about a backpacking tour of the Grand Canyon? Emmaneul College has a spring break program that offers four college credits to spend a week in Ireland studying art. Check with your campus, you might be surprised to see what you find.

5.) Volunteer:

Volunteering is a phenomenal way to learn valuable skills while making a difference in the world.  There are more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the US and a majority of them are looking for volunteers. Spending a week (or even a day) volunteering provides numerous benefits, especially to the volunteer. From looking good on a resume to boosting your mental health, volunteering is awesome!

Have fun!

Whether it’s at a beach, on a campus, or somewhere else entirely – your spring break is what you make it (with or without money).

Created and compiled by Denise Eder, cuLearn and a talented writer/editor

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