Refi Calculator

How Much Could I
By Refinancing

Current Student Loan Details

Current Debt The total amount of all student loans in consideration for refinancing.

Total Monthly Payments The total monthly payment of all student loans in consideration for refinancing.

Years Remaining The number of years remaining until the final student loan is paid in full.

Refinance Loan Details

FICO Score A standard of measuring an individual’s credit worthiness. A FICO score is a calculation of a variety of factors in a person’s background such as; history of default, current amount of debt and the length of time purchases were made on credit. A FICO score ranges between 350 and 850. In general, a score of 660 is considered a “fair” credit score. The term FICO stands for Fair Isaac Corporation, which created the system.

New Loan Term TThe desired number of years for repayment of the loan.

NOTE: Our calculator tool uses information provided to us by our individual lenders. Therefore, we can’t guarantee that the information is up to date, or that you’ll be eligible to join a particular credit union. Please speak to lenders directly to confirm they’re right for you and your family.
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